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about us

sinochem plastics co., ltd (sinochem plastics) was established in 1988 as a subordinate company of sinochem group with headquarter in beijing, and became wholly-owned subsidiary of sinochem international in 2017. 

specialized in a series product of engineering plastics, general plastics, chemicals, etc., sinochem plastics has been the largest chemical distributor in asia with high reputation in the industry. taking advantage of professional marketing team, various product channels and huge customer base, sinochem plastics provides marketing services and solutions throughout the chain, which has gained high market share in the sector of household electric appliance, electronics & communication, healthcare, new infrastructure, daily chemical industry, and so on.

  • 20billion

    revenue in 2022

  • 3.5billion

    total assets of 2022

  • 1 thousand


  • 10thousand




main products: engineering plastics such as abs, ps, pc, pa, peek, pp;general plastics such as polyvinyl chloride;basic chemicals such as propylene derivative, solvent,polyurethane;fine chemicals such as dyestuffs & pigments,auxiliaries,intermediate,special chemicals; pine & oleo chemicals such as oilseeds, vegetable oils,and oleochemicals; natural materials such as food, sea algae,fiber; forestry-pulp-paper such as slab , papermaking pulp,fluff pulp, dissolving pulp,cultural paper, wrapping paper.

main products: engineering plastics such as abs, ps, pc, pa, peek, pps, etc. applied in the fields of additive, electronic appliances, automobiles, office equipment, and so on. we have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many large manufacturers at home and abroad. 

main products: polyolefin resins such as polyvinyl chloride  applied in medical supplies, auto parts, food packaging, pipes, film products, and etc. 
with its extensive presence both at home and abroad, we have established strategic partnerships with suppliers to meet customers’various demands.

main products:propylene derivative,solvent,polyurethane .

main products:dyestuffs & pigments,auxiliaries,intermediate,special chemicals.

main product: the upstream and downstream products of the industrial chain such as oilseeds, vegetable oils, and oleochemicals. 
in line with the concept of "fine chemistry, green life", we are devoted to the development of high value-added, high-tech biochemicals, which are widely used in the daily chemical, coating, food and automotive industries.

main product: food, sea algae, fiber, etc.  in response to the belt and road initiative, we continuously develop new products, new markets, and new fields.

main product: slab, pulp for living paper, cultural paper, and packaging paper,fluff pulp, dissolving pulp, two-side offset paper, wrapping paper. 
we maintain long-term cooperation with world-renowned pulp mills, household paper companies, sanitary product manufacturers, printing companies, and packaging factories to offer high quality products and services to our customers.

our products are authorized by fsc, coc fsc-std-40-004(v.3.0) system which covers fsc100%, fsc mix, fsc recycled paper, pulp, wood, bamboo, and rubber products.

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sinochem plastics always values outstanding personnel and welcomes those from both home and abroad by offering broad stage for their talents to achieve their individual development and career goal.